25th Anniversary Commemorative Event : International Ceramic Art Workshop and Symposium


The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park was founded in 1990 as a comprehensive facility with the purpose of contributing to the development of world ceramic culture and the promotion of Shigaraki ware, part of Japan’s traditional culture and industry. In 1992 we instituted the Artist in Residence program where artists from Japan and abroad live and work together while exchanging ideas and techniques with each other. Over the years we have welcomed over 1000 ceramic artists and others from 49 countries to the program.
To further develop the Artist in Residence program, on the occasion of our 25th anniversary this year we will hold an international workshop and symposium based on the theme of “From the Perspective of the Artists in Residence: Shigaraki’s View of the World . . . the World’s View of Shigaraki.”
For the workshop, we will invite artists who have worked here in the past and gone on to further their careers. They will work here for one month simultaneously. The work they create will be exhibited in our galleries, and we will also ask them to give lectures about their work and the state of ceramic art in their respective countries. In this way, we hope to deepen mutual understanding of artists in residence and their roles around the world.
For the symposium, we will hear from people associated with organizations hosting artists in residence as well as artists who have experienced the program at the Ceramic Cultural Park. We hope to learn more about the state of residence programs around the world and further the development of a global network based on the theme of ceramic art.
In the town of Shigaraki, with its long history of pottery production, those who have participated in the Artist in Residence program at the Ceramic Cultural Park have used clay as their medium to expand the breadth and possibilities of ceramic expression. From craft to modern art, the possibilities of clay are as wide and varied as the imaginations of the artists who work with it.
By hearing from these artists about how they approach clay, we hope to broaden our understanding of the possibilities of ceramic art.


Workshops: Mid-August – mid-September, 2015
Symposium: Wed. September 9 – Sat. September 12, 2015
Artist talks: Friday, September 11, 2015
Yamamura Yukinori Workshop “Shigaraki Time Travel,” others: Sunday, September 12, morning


Sponsored by:Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park Foundation
Supported by:the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2015the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2015
Cooperation by:
Subsidized by: Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japanese Government
2015 Project for Establishing Bases for Communicating Arts and Culture Abroad
Yoshino Gypsum Art Foundation


Workshops: Studio 2, Institute of Ceramic Studies, Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park
Symposium and Artist Talks: Auditorium, Exhibition Hall of Industrial Ceramics, Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park
Exhibition of works: Gallery, Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park

Seating capacity: 200
Participation fee: ¥2000 (for September 9-12)

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